China goes Europe

von  Andrea Wolfmayr, Paul Zwietnig-Rotterdam, Franz Yang-Mocnik,

Herausgegeben von Luise Kloos

The Nomadic University organized an oasis by the name of “China goes Europe” in Graz. Apart from the numerous economic co-operations between Europe and China, an aspect of special interest to the oasis was China’s cultural policy to establish Confucius Institutes all over the world. The oasis in Graz was exhibiting the historic and cultural developments of China alongside those of Europe. Students could learn through the experiences that curators, artists and economists have had with China. Through a series of lectures and discussions all participants got a deep insight into China’s and the Greater China´s area present day developments. During a special Think Tank participants worked out opportunities by discussing the Confucius Institutes and the local cultures they are built in. Special emphasis will be put on the historic, aesthetic, cultural, economic and educational implications. An exploration of this kind was generating knowledge, that will be highly relevant to all European nations. Europe’s post-colonial points of view and attitudes was, among various other aspects, discussed and put into the context of contemporary cultural developments of Asia.


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